Soda Fountain



After all outside surfaces have been cleaned and sanitized remove the drain grate.

D86 can be sprayed into this drain!

D86 FOAM can also be used here!

Next remove the back cover by lifting it from the bottom.  The inside of the machine needs to be exposed to allow it to air dry.  Clean and sanitize the back cover.  

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Then remove the drain pan and wipe up any moisture on the inside.  *This is a key area for reassembly.  The drain line must fit directly back into the drain or it will cause spillage into the machine as well as the ice.  **When overflow occurs from this drain it causes mold on the interior of the machine.

D86 can be sprayed into this drain!

D86 FOAM can also be used here!

Remove all spray heads and wipe them off with sanitizer.  Lay them out on a clean dry surface to air dry.  Do not soak them

DO NOT USE D86 on the spray heads.

Remove all the ice.  Clean the ice bin with a mild soap, rinse and sanitizer.  Do not use D86 in the ice bin. Only use mild cleaner and sanitizer.

Don’t forget to clean behind the soda tower.  The soda tower should be left disassembled overnight to allow it to air dry.  Spray D86 behind the soda tower!