1Will D86 tablet eliminate cleaning?
NO. Good housekeeping routines are still required. Use D86 tablet in addition to regular cleaning.
2How much area will one D86 tablet treat?
Since all restaurants are different in size, D86 tablet are recommended for the water volume of one mop bucket. Whatever surface area you can cover with that water volume, D86 tablet will treat it! Large kitchen areas, or large dining areas may require multiple tablets.
3Do we have to clean our drain lines first?
Starting with clean drains will optimize the performance of D86 tablet! If you have a problem that needs immediate attention, we recommend cleaning first.
4I have problems with odor in my drink dispensers, how do I fix it?
D86 tablet will reduce the organic material that builds up in all the drains. The organic material is degrading and causing odors. You have to get the product to the problem areas! Evenly pour the mop water into all the drains, especially the problem drains.
5Do I have to use the product daily?
D86 tablet are most effective when used on a daily basis. Secondary benefits will be significantly reduced if you do not use it daily!
6What secondary Benefits?
Drain line maintenance, odor control, grease trap maintenance and surcharge reduction (BOD, FOG and SS reduction). D86 tablet contain bacteria that degrade the organic material, reducing the buildup in drains and grease traps.
7Will I have to pump my grease trap?
YES – there are no magic formulas to eliminate pumping. Even if the bacteria completely remove the organic material, there remains inorganic material such as plastic sheets, straws, etc. and other material that takes a very long time to degrade, such as shrimp shells and whole vegetables.
8How often should I pump my grease trap?
If you would like to see the optimum results from the product, pump the grease trap as you start using the product. If you are on a schedule, reduce the schedule by 50% and view the trap when it is time to pump. Make a new schedule based on the results of the product.
9I have a very problematic grease trap, is there anything else that I can do?
Use CustomBio GT-Tabs in combination with D86 tablet. GT-Tabs are slow release tablets that continuously add bacteria directly into the grease trap.
10What are those initials, BOD, FOG and SS and what is surcharge?
Some water authorities charge to receive the sewage. If this is happening to you, it will be on your water or sewer bill. BOD, FOG and TSS are scientific components that allow testing.
11But what do they mean?
BOD = Biochemical oxygen demand (measures oxygen uptake of waste) FOG = Fats, Oils and Grease (measures amount of FOG in the water) SS = Suspended solids (how much solids are being discharged in the water) The water authority might also measure for dissolved solids and/or total solids.
12I spend HUNDREDS of dollars a month on effluent surcharges, can D86 tablet help?
YES, and GT-Tabs will help even more. Monitor the results for yourself!
13I am on a septic system, will D86 tablet hurt it?
NO! D86 tablet are septic safe. Not only will D86 tablet not hurt a septic tank, the bacteria in D86 tablet are the same bacteria that are sold around the world in septic system treatment products. D86 tablet will help replace the bacteria in the septic system that are killed by harsh chemical cleaners and antimicrobial hand cleaners.
14I have terrible odors in my carpet, will D86 tablet work on fabric?
YES, the bacteria in D86 tablet will reduce organic matter such as cigarette odor, pet urine odor, rotten milk odor, etc. Place one tablet in a clean, empty spray bottle. Spray on the surface of the fabric or carpet until saturated (uniformly wet). We do not recommend pouring the mop water on fabric, but it is very acceptable to use the product directly.
15I have terrible odor in my trash can and dumpster, will D86 tablet help?
16What is the shelf life of the tablets?
Basically unlimited!!! The bacteria are in spore form and will remain inactive for YEARS in the packaging. Scientists have found live spores in the Egyptian pyramids that were about 4000 years old and still became active. If the tablet is intact within the packaging, the product is good!
17How do the bacteria get out of spore form?
Once the bacteria spores come in contact with water and nutrients, they start to become active. When they become active, they produce enzymes that trigger the other spores into activation. We call this a cascade effect.
18Will temperature affect the product?
Normal temperatures will not bacteria the bacteria in the tablet. We stored the tablets at 140° F for 24 hours and then froze the tablets at 30° F for 24 hours. These tablets still passed our rigorous quality control test!
19I currently use a bacteria product for my grease trap, Is the D86 tablet compatible?
Yes, the bacteria in D86 tablet will work together with any product on the market. In fact, the D86 tablets are stronger than most bacteria products for grease traps, when you compare a one-month supply!
20WOW – does that mean that I do not need the other product?
If you have a low volume or mid-volume grease trap, the D86 tablet may be enough.
21If the D86 tablet is stronger, why won’t it work the same on high volume or high problem grease traps?
The answer is distribution. The bacteria in D86 tablet are applied once per day at the end of the day. This is usually a very slow time of day in terms of water flow. The bacteria will grow in the drain lines and eventually make it to the grease trap.
22I have a high-volume grease trap, what can I do?
You can use D86 tablet 1-2 extra times a day, dissolved and poured directly in the triple compartment sink. Or, you can order CustomBio GT-Tabs grease trap product!
23I have a slow drain in a sink, can you fix it?
The D86 tablet can open up many drain problems. Dissolve one tablet into a 1 quart (1 liter) container and pour directly into the problem drain. Do this once per day for 2-4 weeks. If the drain is outside the mop area, treat 1-2 times per week after it is open. If the drain is in the mop area, receiving daily dosages from the D86 tablet, then additional treatment may not be necessary.
24Will it work on toilets too?
YES, organic material can build up in toilet drains. However, there is also a high chance of non-degradable products causing the backup, such as feminine products.
25What about men’s urinals?
D86 tablet work excellent in men’s urinals. They really degrade the odor and they prevent the buildup of minerals in the pipes.
26I tried it and it didn’t work. What do I do?
Many drain problems are not grease or buildup related. There may be plumbing problems or something like a sponge that is closing the line. If it doesn’t work after a month, please call a plumber.